Old friend
Updated: 2/2/2021
Old friend

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  • Now we have separated schools and I haven't talked to her ever since then.
  • I wondered if she ever thought about me the way her face kept popping up in my head. She was always rude to me but I never realized it until now and that was when she started reaching out to me, so I decided to shut her out of my life for good.
  • Ever since that night I couldn't stop thinking about the big fight. I waited for her to call me but she never did.
  • We stepped into the living room and had a disagreement about something, I didn't take it seriously and thought it was a joke. She starts to yell at me for my appearance and other things that weren't necessary. This was the first time I actually NOTICED she was a brat. She called her mom to take her home and I told my mom the whole story when she left.
  • There she was at the door and I had no clue what was about to happen.
  • It all started when I invited my friend over for a sleepover.