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Updated: 3/28/2019
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  • Scene 3- Police Station- Day 2 (10:00)
  • One person missing, and another dead in a week! Five people dead last month!
  • I don't want any personal problem affecting your work. If you do have any problem, come and see me as soon as possible. 
  • Okay, sorry! i know many of you were close to Pete McConner, and I know that you're all hoping that he's just missing, and not dead.
  • The sheriff, Chris Duncan, is facing he colleagues. Panning of the police officers looking at her with concentration. Close up to Chris's face, her eyebrows are furrowed and the corners of her mouth are frown. This is what she always looks like. Long shot of Chris slamming a big file onto the table on front of her, her colleagues jump in fright.
  • Don't give me that 'yes ma'am I don't know why you want to talk to me' What are you doing here?
  • Yes Ma'am?
  • OK everyone! you all have work to do! I want a group of you to investigate the murder of Mike Simms. He was found burried in a snowman this morning.
  • { Panning of the sad expression on the other police officer's faces }
  • I don't understand what you're on about. You always complain that some people are late, so I arrived early today.Why? What did I do?
  • No way! My friend went missing last night! I'm going to find who kidnapped him and throw him in jail!
  • Go home, Jonathan. You can't be here in the state you are in. You've been shaken up last night and you should be at home recovering.
  • {She looks over the police officers and spots Jonathan's face behind the crowds and she shakes her head.} 
  • Sheriff, i think you need to come and see this!
  • I'm telling you...I'll find the guy who did this.
  • Jon..there's a chance that he might not even be alive. No one missing without being killed. Do you understand?
  • { She points Jonathan and indicates for him to come closer }
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