Kelompok 8 Kelas X MIPA 6
Updated: 2/3/2020
Kelompok 8 Kelas X MIPA 6
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  • 4. I have eaten my meal ten minute ago, but I’m getting hungry again now
  • 2. I’m so hungry right now because in this morning I skip my breakfast
  • 1.Hi guys are you hungry now?
  • 3. Me too, I don’t got my meal, because I was in a hurry
  • 6. Yeah, I’m agree with you, I’m going to eat meatballs because I’ve tasted it yesterday and it was addicting to me
  • 8. I have tried meatballs and chicken noodles too, and I like both
  • 5. And I just drunk my milk in this morning, shall we going to go to canteen?
  • 7. I think chicken noodles tastier than meatball, I was try it once and I’m falling in love with chicken noodles
  • 10. Ooh… have on diet?
  • 9. I did like neither meatball nor chicken noodle , I’m just eat salad
  • 11. I guess she has gotten on diet since two weeks ago
  • 14. Why you did have diet?
  • 13. Umm… I’m embarrassed, but yeah I’m on diet, I haven’t consumed over calories
  • 12. Really? Have you on diet Nika?
  • 16. Or she was crushes with someone?
  • 17. Oh my god, no guys don’t make me shy, I’m diet because of my over weight
  • 15. She want to be healthier, then before
  • 18. Okay okay, nevermind, let’s go to the canteen
  • 20. Hahaha, why so funny, hurry up guys
  • 19. Okay, come on guys
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