Updated: 11/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Go away!
  • Will not.This yard's as much mine as it is yours,JemFinch.
  • You act like you grew ten inches in the night! All right, what is it?
  • If you stay you've got to do what we tell you.
  • Just how?
  • We are going to give a note to Boo Radley.
  • Scout woke up and foud Jem and Dill in the back yard talking together.When she came closer, Jem asked her to let them and to return to the house.
  • We looked yersteday from accross the street, and there's a shutter loose.
  • Dill asked her to obey them and didn't want to tell more about what they wanted to do before she answered.She became angry but she was curious so she finally answered positively.
  • Yes you will, you'll watch the back end of the lot and Dill's gonna watch the front of the house an' up the street, an' if anybody comes he'll ring the bell. That clear?
  • Okay, okay, but i don't wanta watch
  • Jem said that they were going to give a note to Boo Radley.Scout was afraid at first but Jem said that it was to late and that she had to participate.
  • All right then. What'd you write him?
  • We're askin' him real politely to come out sometimes, and tell us what he does in there. We said we wouldn't hurt him and we'd buy him an ice cream.
  • Jem explained that they saw the day before that they were a shutter loose and that they had a plan.Scout was not sure that it was a good idea even if it seemed to be a good plan.
  • Scout thought of what was going to happened.She wasn't very motivated, but Jem forced her to participated and told her what she had to do.
  • Scout wanted to know what they had written.The message was clear and polite, so they decided to try to give it to Boo Radley.