The Dilema on Kinder Street
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Dilema on Kinder Street
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  • I : Moving Day!
  • Jon: I do too. I'm sure it's nothing.
  • Craig: Is it just me who hears activity coming from downstairs? Maybe it's just the fernase.
  • Sandy: Well kids, what do you think?Kaylee: I don't know mom, it's kind of a creepy house!
  • R.A. :Curious Kaylee
  • Sandy: Hey Honey, I hear that noise. I will check on it in the morning.
  • I can't sleep. There is so much noise and activity downstairs... Maybe I'll check it out.
  • R.A. :The Basement
  • The Clinton Family just moved into a new house. It is old, but very latge and spacious. The only thing is, is that they all hear suspicious noise and activity coming from downstairs.
  • C: Kaylee?
  • Kaylee can't wait to see what the noise is. She goes down to discover something unexplainable.
  • F.A. / Conflict: The Great Discovery
  • You guys found me! Help me get out f here! The old man is discuised as the girl with orange hair on the far side!
  • Kaylee creeps to the basement and discovers a variety of yound girls scared and confused in her basement. It appears that they all had been there for quite some time. She tries to question them asking why they are all their, but Kaylee had trouble understanding what happened. She finds out that an old man who is disqised a one of the girls is holding them hostage. Then, Kaylee is taken by the old man who finally revealed himself.
  • Resolution
  • K: I'm so glad we helped the girls, and helped the old man. I think it was fair because children are way more important that money and jewls!C: Me too, Kaylee.
  • Jon, Sandy, and Craig realise that Kylee has gone missing. They look all throughout the house until Jon hears the suspicious activity downstairs again. They all decide to look downstairs even though they were all filled with fear.
  • Jon, Sandy, and Craig discover all the little girls being held hostage in their basment! The were in pure disbelife. " You found me" says Kaylee. Once again, the old creepy man reveals himself, and thretens to kill their poor Kaylee. In exchange, he wants money and jewls to keep Kaylee and all the others alive before he harvests her to be a doll like all the others.
  • Sandy bargains with the creepy old man. They give away some money anmd jewls, as well as some food. It turns out that when the old man was a yound boy, his parents abandoned him and all they left with him was a bunch of dolls. He had to raise himself and all he had were the dolls. They eventually rotted away, so he wanted to make some new ones (out of these girls) to have as replacements. So in exchange, he gave up all the girls back to their homes, and spend his money from Sandy and Craig on dolls for himself The learned that family is more important than money, and that they made it fair for the old man. .
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