Covid-19 Storyboard
Updated: 5/20/2020
Covid-19 Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • At the shop
  • hey,did you hear about the covid-19 case?
  • At the shop
  • who is at risk for this virus?
  • Explain with illustration
  • Safwan and Naim was on their way to their own destination. They had a small talk to each other about the recently news,which is covid-19.
  • At the shop
  • OMG! that was so dangerous! what is the effect that might happen if someone suffered from covid-19 ?
  • Naim excitedly said that he know about it and still worrying about the case.
  • Explain using phone
  • He then explained that a person who might risk for this virus are those with low immunity body system such as HIV patients,cancer patients, kids, senior citizen,pregnant mothers and even those who visited Wuhan,China.
  • In the hospital
  • hi,im wasim a frontliner
  • Safwan was so shock with the info and ask anything that crossed in his mind. Naim then tell her that a person who has been infected with covid-19 will face kidney failure,lung infections,respiratory system failure and even death.
  • can i get more updates about this case?
  • Naim said to Safwan that he can get updates from the Public Health Malaysia facebook and Portal MyHEALTH on twitter. He also can visit the Ministry of Health's official website or portal and you can also play a fun games about covid-19 that you can install.
  • Portal MyHEALTH
  • Kesihatan Awam Malaysia
  • To find out you have covid-19 symptoms or not you can refer to a doctor