the school day
Updated: 2/5/2020
the school day
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  • Intro
  • I'm so excited to be at a new school. I wonder if i'll make any friends.
  • I think my locker comb is 34328??
  • event 1
  • Hey Jasper, Look at the new kid, she looks like a nerd!
  • I know right!, lets go talk to her.
  • What did i do
  • Event 2(climax 1)
  • Hey! nerd why are you even here! you look so ugly
  • Today was Lucy's first day at Joshua G. Middle School. and she was a bit nervous.
  • climax 2
  • Sure thing principal Charles
  • MORNING MATH WITH MRS. CARIE 20x30=?85+72=? 123678-1268653=?
  • May I please see. Jasper and Mary?
  • 'bring, bring!' The school bell rong and the studentswent inside to get there stuff for math class.
  • falling action
  • Im sorry! I'll go say sorry to her now please don't
  • Girls! How dare you make fun of the new girl Lucy! i'm calling your guys moms
  • Haha I told on you
  • Mary and Jasper, went to go talk to Lucy but the converstion was not so friendly
  • ending
  • Hey I'm sorry
  • The students head to there classes. Sadly Mary and Jasper were in the same class as Lucy. But Principal Charles comes in at just the right time to go and talk to Mary and Jasper
  • .The two girls go into mr Charles office and have a chat with him about there actions. The two girls are forced to say sorry to Lucy. They discided to say sorry after school.
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