Articles of Confederation - Comic Strip
Updated: 1/12/2021
Articles of Confederation - Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the United States.It was designed in a way that most of the power was designated to the State Governments and little to the Federal Government. Such power structure was created to avoid a repetition of what the Americans faced from Great Britain when all power was given to one authority, but this Government concept failed in the end and was replaced by the Constitution of the United States because the lack of power of the Federal Government would mean that there was no authority to maintain law and order, no power to implement taxes, there was no uniform currency, no national Executive or Judicial branch and the votes of all states were required to approve new amendments. These restrictions were the failure of the Articles of Confederation.
  • Because of the lack of power the Federal Government had, they could not collect taxes which meant that the Government always lacked money. The Government’s lack of funding would mean that the country cannot be developed in any way and would lack many public resources.
  • Another weakness created by the Articles of Confederation was that no national Judiciary existed to solve disputes between states. Should there be no National Judiciary, the states in scrimmage cannot legally solve their problems and would likely fall into chaos and physical fights.
  • The Northwest Ordinance was created to provide the guidelines for the creation of new states and their admission into the Union. A territory would first be governed by Governors and judges appointed by Congress until that territory reaches a population of 5,000 male inhabitants of voting-age. These inhabitants could then elect a territorial legislature, which would send a non-voting representative to Congress. When the population of this territory reaches 60,000, the legislature would submit a state constitution to Congress and would then officially become a state and would join the Union.
  • Settlers in the Northwest Territory would be permitted all the rights that the original Thirteen Colonies had such as Religious Freedom.Slavery was illegal as a result of the Northwest Ordinance.
  • Shays’ Rebellion was a farmers’ revolt originating in Massachusetts caused due to the large debts left on farmers.Shays’ Rebellion worried the wealthy that state legislatures would be more receptive to the poor in which they would weaken property-rights and vote to take property from the wealthy to give to the poor. This was one of the reasons which convinced many people that the Articles of Confederation could not satisfy the people and their needs, and was a failure.
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