Updated: 12/10/2019
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Storyboard Description

Scene 1 Eckels decides to follow through with his idea of hunting down a T - Rex. Company agent warns him before he enters the time machine. Scene 2 Travis warns him about the rules of time travelling and how he shouldn't even step on a small butterfly as it could have an effect on the whole hereditary tree of the creature and can affect the ecosystem. Scene 3 Travis helps Eckels hunt down the T-Rex but Eckels gets scared. Scene 4 Eccles steps on a butterfly accidentally while running away from the T-Rex. Scene 5 Travis ensures whether Eckels took the right path and followed the rules and prevented hurting any creature or changing the outcome of any event other than the T-Rex hunt. Scene 6 They return back to 2055 but Travis shoots Eckels and kills him as didn't obey the rules of time travelling back.

Storyboard Text

  • -Eckel: I'd like to hunt down a T-Rex from millions of years ago?-Company agent: Just to warn you we don't ensure your safety.
  • Travis: Don't touch anything! don't go off the path or else you will experience the butterfly effect.
  • TIME MACHINE 2055 to Sixty million two thousand and fifty five years ago
  • I should escape. I can't fight it.
  • No!!!! I stepped on the damn butterfly
  • Eckel: My confidence has been shattered by the ferocity of that T-Rex
  • Travis: Did you kill anything, cause if you did time will hunt you down?Eckels: Not at all. Not a single small creature! *Lying*
  • TIME MACHINE Back to 2055
  • Eckel: I have made a mistake which has costed me my life!Travis: I am sorry my friend, but you didn't value the rules of time travelling!
  • TIME SAFARI 2055
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