direct work project puppets
Updated: 7/31/2020
direct work project puppets

Storyboard Text

  • hi, would you like to play with some toys today?
  • Yess! i love toys!
  • So today we will be using dolls to play a special game. Here i will go first.
  • Yeah sure why not i love playing with dolls!
  • I will observe her body language and listen carefully to the words she uses to describe her family.
  • My brother is happy, but sometimes he can become sad. My mums boyfriend can get angry quickly and then does bad things. My mum doesn't care.
  • She has now become silent, what could she be thinking?
  • What makes your mothers boyfriend angry?
  • I dont want to speak anymore... ill put the dolls back down
  • Its okay, are you okay?
  • Im fine
  • I am concerned. So this happened...
  • Hmm, I see
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