Part 3
Updated: 3/24/2020
Part 3

Storyboard Text

  • In 1730, the Acadians were forced to sign an oath, swearing loyalty to the British.
  • You must sign this oath, or else, you cannot live here no more.
  • We must do it, if we want to live here...
  • Faster!
  • Now, if something ever happens we must take side of the British.
  • Or we might have to face severe consequences...
  • Meanwhile, the ownership of Acadia kept going back and forth between the French and the British kept going back and forth.
  • Meanwhile, the war of Spanish Succession War was going on between the French and British, just for Acadia.
  • The War ended with the treaty of Utrecht. In it, Acadians in Nova Scotia belonged to the British, and the ones in Cope Breton and PEI belonged to the French.