sexting is bad!

Updated: 5/21/2020
sexting is bad!

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  • HI! I'm lily and this is the story of the time my crush shared my nudes all over social media...
  • he is soo hot..
  • 1 Lily: my heart was racing, the new kid was sooo cute!
  • welcome the new kid ryan!
  • 2 Lily: I could not stop thinking about him all the day. I was 100% sure I really liked him
  • 3 Lily: That day after school i decided to text him and to ask him if we can be friends, he said yes!!
  • Ryan <3lily: hi I'm lily from your class, maybe we could be friends?Ryan: yea of course!
  • 4 Lily: Me and Ryan talked to each other all day the next day and we became really good friends.
  • 5 Lily: We both really liked each other but we were too nervous to confess it.