WW1 Spark

Updated: 9/15/2021
WW1 Spark

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  • In Austria Hungary, on a Sunday of June, a very important man named Archduke Franz decides to go to a parade with his wife, Sophie, Not knowing what is too come.
  • While they were in the Parade, a total of 6 assassin's from a Serbian Group called the "Black hand".
  • Each one of them failed to assassinate them, including one who threw a bomb and mistakenly threw it on the car behind Archduke Franz and his wife..
  • The two went home and decided to visit the injured on the hospital. Franz went to the same route as from last time where the bomb was thrown.
  • One of the assassins were just hanging out in the cafe until he found the two and decided that this was the perfect time to kill them, He soon shot Franz in the neck and Sophie in the abdomen. What a strange murder all because of a drive by
  • This Murder was inevitably the spark which eventually turned into the fire all around Europe. Austria declared war on Serbia and in response, Russia and the rest of the allies decided to join in as well. This is the start of World War 1.