Tim's Dream Comes True
Updated: 3/22/2021
Tim's Dream Comes True

Storyboard Text

  • There once lived a boy, Tim.
  • In Tim's dream...
  • R-R-Realy ?
  • Hey Tim,I'm Neil ArmstromI have come here to take you to space.
  • Yes, dear Tim.Please except my offer.
  • He observed many planets and it's nature.
  • He wanted to become an astronaut, so he researched about it NASA...
  • And when he woke up he got to now everything about space!
  • Congrats!You passed and now you are going to Mars to check if there is life.
  • He went to space!
  • Then Tim went for a NASA mission.
  • O-Okay.
  • He had so much fun!
  • When he returned with all the information...
  • When he became 24 years he gave the exam, and he passed!!!
  • Thanks sir!
  • Thanks sir!
  • Thanks sir!
  • They needed to check if there if life on mars.
  • And he and his team won an award!