comic immune system
Updated: 3/24/2020
comic immune system

Storyboard Text

  • now, we are going to enter to our next target
  • we, as viruses, enter through the respiratory tract in the form of aerosolized droplets expelled by an infected individual.
  • yay! how is the route infection of this objective?
  • lets hope not, come on!
  • remember we have to be very careful with the immune system, they're gonna try to kill us.
  • so that means we are going to enter through the human nose
  • entering the body...
  • now that we are here, we have to work as a team to be stronger.
  • stop! i remind you that our function is to invade the living cells (when we enter the body) and use them to multiply and reproduce
  • look! a healthy cell.
  • chill out, we are not going to do anything wrong. let us pass
  • what do you pretend to do? leave our cells alone