Pereira Armas, Samuel Influential People and Documents
Updated: 4/1/2020
Pereira Armas, Samuel Influential People and Documents
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  • Step 1: Jury is told what their job is
  • Jury! The defendant is being accused of brutally harming the prosecution
  • My client is being wrongfully accused of harming others when he clearly would never be capable of something such as that. I am thankful for the time your honor, and hopefully you can understand me and my client.
  • Step 2: Opening statements from both parties
  • No problem, please take a seat.
  • *Why weren't those there before?*
  • Step 3: Evidence presented by both parties
  • The defendant has clearly done much harm to both of my clients, and in fact, brutally scratched and nearly killed them, basically it's a miracle they're here
  • Alright.
  • These scene is just the beginning of a trial in which two popular bullies try to get a kid they usually bully into jail for "brutally harming them" which obviously makes it a criminal case
  • Step 4: Closing Statements presented
  • This brutal event clearly shouldn't be taken lightly, since my clients have been harmed for no real cause. Thank you your honor.
  • The defendant's lawyer starts off by listing valuable things/starts off well by being respectful and honest.
  • Step 5: Jury Deliberates
  • Look at him he doesn't deserve to be part of this world, much less of Easter!
  • The Prosecution starts off by listing the fact that they have clearly been "harmed" but obviously, the judge isn't buying it.
  • Clearly, the so called "casual" egg deserves a spot on this Earth just as much as everyone else, and deserves to have a fun Easter just like us, I say not guilty and that shall be our final decision.
  • The prosecution's lawyer tries his best to make it seem like such a casual-looking and innocent egg would do such thing, but a part of the jury feels like it's best to have him in jail, since he's so "casual" and doesn't deserve a spot in easter.
  • The Jury obviously has different point of views about this case, and they will debate and at some point agree on what is the best decision for this case.
  • There is clearly not enough evidence!
  • Um...
  • The Jury decides on an overall decision that benefits the people that it really should benefit, because discrimination is not a choice!
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