Chapter 8 jekyll and hyde
Updated: 2/21/2021
Chapter 8 jekyll and hyde

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Poole: I think there's been a foul play come quickMr. Utterson: What do you mean foul playMr. Poole: Just come quickly
  • Mr. Poole: They're all scaredMr. Poole: Follow me, but stay quiet
  • Maid: Bless GodMr. Utterson's here
  • Mr. Poole: There is a mysterious man in there and I think they did something with my master
  • Mr. Poole: Come out or we will break down the doorUnknown: Please don'tMr. Utterson: That's not Dr. Jekyll, break down the door
  • Mr. Poole: I bought that drug for my master
  • Will
  • There's a letter
  • Dr. Jekyll's Will:Everything goes to Mr. Utterson and not Mr. Hyde