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Updated: 12/20/2019
social studies
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  • There was a luxurious and sheltered prince who had everything named Sidhartha. One day he left the palace for the first time with his tutors son/friend. He saw an old man and an outcast taking away a dead body.
  • After, Sidhartha saw poverty and misery for the first time he felt disconnected with his life so, he left to experience life outside the palace. He gave up his belongings and necessities in search of enlightenment. He didn't eat and became very thin.
  • He lived in a cave and ate very little when one day a little girl brought him a bowl of rice. He found out he needed to find another way to reach enlightenment. He came up with a solution to reach enlightenment , through concentration, which was the Middle Path.
  • Then he sat under a tree for a long time and then meet his goal of nirvana. He got the title of Buddha, then Brahman told him to share his experiences and teach people to follow the middle path.
  • After Buddha was enlightened he traveled throughout northeastern India for several decades to spread Buddhism for anyone who was interested.
  • After 45 years Buddha died in 483 B.C. He passed into a state of nirvana, which is a release from suffering and a salvation.
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