Harriet Tubman Comic Strip
Updated: 5/8/2020
Harriet Tubman Comic Strip

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  • You'll be a nursemaid for this baby!
  • Are you asleep?!
  • Harriet Tubman grew up as a slave. Her name at birth was "Araminta Ross". She was a nursemaid for a small baby.
  • She stayed up all night having to care for this child, and if she fell asleep, she'd be punished.
  • Let's go, you'll be safe!
  • She did more then help people escape. She refused to help in punishing a young slave. A heavy iron weight was thrown at him but missed and hit her instead. It nearly crushed her skull and she suffered from it her whole life.
  • She married a free man named John Tubman and took his last name and took her mother's name, Harriet. She worried that the slaves on the plantation were to be sold, so she escaped. John said no, so her and her brothers left but her brothers turned back later.
  • Harriet left to Philadelphia, but she wasn't done there. She came back to help other slaves escape. She was a nurse too and the injuries she had before never stopped her. They went through an Underground Railroad.
  • They followed the North Star. She was a well known "conductor". Harriet Tubman saved 300 slaves. She would lead them to a better life.