Disaster! (1)
Updated: 3/15/2021
Disaster! (1)

Storyboard Text

  • Meanwhile, the Cornelius Family were traveling through the Via Appia. Cornelius, because he wanted to arrive at the city in three days, again and again kept ordering Syrus to spur on the horses. Syrus therefore kept whipping the horses with a stick.
  • While they were going through the road, Aurelia and Cornelia were watching the peasants who were working in the fields.
  • Marcus and Sextus were watching all the carriages who were going through the Via Appia.
  • It was the seventh hour. The day was warm. In the fields of the peasants, they were no longer working but were resting under the trees.
  • In the carriage Cornelius and Aurelia were now sleeping. Marcus kept annoying Cornelia, who wanted to sleep, with his foot.
  • Sextus was sitting with the coachman Syrus; they were watching the road and vehicles.Suddenly, “Look, Marcus!” Sextus exclaims. “There is a charioteer!”