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Science Project
Updated: 6/19/2020
Science Project
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notes are in "bat mitzvah notebook" (blue)

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  • Hey Mom, what are you making?
  • I just made some bacon and eggs for breakfast and there is a banana bread in the oven.
  • I'll clean up, Mom. Don't worry about it!
  • Mom, isn't it so cool how this pan just came off the stove a couple minutes ago and it's already cooled down? I know why! It's called conduction. This pan is a conductor. It's particles gain more eanergy, heat up, and collide with other molecules giving or tranferring some of their energy. It only happens in solids. This is why heat conductors are so efficient. Heat insulators are the oppisite. They take a long time to heat up and cool down. An example is your wood spoon. 
  • Thank you, Jack.
  • It's all science, Mom. It's called convection. Convection is heat transfer in fluids, which are liquids and gases. It happens through particles that move in circles called convection currents. The light bulb, inside the lamp, heats the wax inside the glass. The particles in the wax vibrate more and the wax becomes less dense than the water around it. Less dense things rise up, so that’s why there are ball-like things floating up and down in the lamp. As the ball-like things get further and further away from the light bulb, they cool down, get more dense, and sink back to the bottom of the lamp and then the cycle repeats.
  • Wow, Jack! That's a really cool lava lamp.
  • I'm sorry, Mom. This happened beccause I was sitting beside this transparent window. What I've experienced is a type of radiation called reflection. The sun releases radiant energy in the form of infrared waves, which travel to the earth, through the window and onto my face leaving me with a sunburn.
  • Jack, you got a sunburn! Oh no! How could this happen, you were inside?
  • Huh?
  • I'm learning about this in science class. What you're experiencing is radiation. Radiation is a type of heat transfer that can travel through all states of matter. The radiant energy from the microwave travels in waves called infrared waves. It is highly efficient because there are no particles involved!
  • Mom, get away from the microwave!
  • Well, Dad, I don't feel so hot because I'm wearing a light coloured shirt. You are wearing a black shirt which absorbs the radiant energy from the sun. That process is called absorbtion. Since my shirt is lightly coloured, the process my shirt goes through is called reflection as it relfects heat energy.
  • It's really hot out here, right Jack?
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