The book that ate my brother - English

Updated: 7/24/2020
The book that ate my brother - English

Storyboard Text

  • Jack sits at the computer in his bedroom, he thinks he is alone...
  • Chews your own adventureWritten byDr.Voracious Tome
  • Jack is inside a dark, and slimy tunnel .The curving walls of the tunnel glow, he can see that the tunnel stretches on and on
  • Jack sees a shadow in the tunnel, it is a young boy, not his brother...
  • Jack crawls quickly down the slippery tunnel, the young boy, Barry, follows him; Jack seems an opening up ahead.
  • I want my sister!
  • Where did you come from?
  • Jack, help me!
  • Jack's brother is hanging from the edge of the tunnel, bellow Tyler's dangling feet is a huge cavern feel with a liquid with bubbles and gurgles. Jack and Barry reached toward Tyler, but their hands are slippery from the tunnel. In that moment a woman appears in the tunnel and help them to pulls Tyler to safety.
  • Are you the librarian?
  • I'm the Specialist, I help the librarian now and then; you will see him soon. But first, let me take care of this
  • The Specialist pulls a book out or her vest, she hurls it into the bubbling liquid; the liquid begin to shake and trash . The liquid explodes, the goo crashes into the Specialist and the boys; then he hears a girl scream. Jack looks up and sees that they are all standing in a strange bedroom, the librarian was in there...
  • We need to find the author to write other book
  • Good job, thanks Jack for writing to us; we have hunting that evil mouth for months.
  • After, all things come normal
  • The end