Updated: 2/9/2021

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  • Ebenezer Dorset
  • Bill Sam
  • Johnny
  • We drove to our secret cave with our buggy which was 3 miles away and that was a place where we ate our meal and came back to the cave to play red Indians. The boy was having fun in his life and forgot that he was a captive.
  • A kidnapping idea stuck Bill and Sam. Their fraudulent scheme was to pull out 2000 dollars from the victim Jhonny the one only boy of Ebenezer Dorset who is a mortgage fancier in a town called Summit in Alabama
  • Eating meal time
  • Sam was very stressed that he would be cooked at sunrise as the boy said. But the boy didn't do anything.
  • We wrote a letter to Ebenezer Dorset in which we asked for 1500 dollars and told him to reply by 8 and, we signed as 2 desperate men so that our identity will not be revealed.
  • When sam came to the cave after delivering the letter, bill and the boy was nowhere to be found. After some time sam saw bill and bill told to him that he told the boy to go home because he was fed up with the boy as he would trouble him a lot.