part 2 innit
Updated: 12/3/2020
part 2 innit

Storyboard Text

  • jaden added you to a group chat
  • 5:31
  • callan: why are you adding me to a gc with these gimps
  • luke: omg not these two again
  • jaden: shut up fat neek
  • group chat
  • jaden: lmao
  • callan: funny innit
  • luke: why cant you just leave her alone
  • group chat
  • what is the point in this
  • jaden: you're just a bit of a retard aren't you
  • callan: shut up you gimp
  • go away
  • group chat
  • what is the point in this
  • callan: lmaoooo you look like a horse
  • jaden: if i looked like you id just kms
  • luke: omg just leave her alone, what's ur problem
  • group chat
  • jaden: awh look at you sticking up for ur gf
  • jaden: i wasn't talking to u
  • group chat
  • hes not my boyfriend
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