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Updated: 3/4/2021
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  • Japan has a Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy which basically means that they have a royal family that represents the government but the powers of government are wielded by a cabinet of people.
  • The agriculture and natural resources of Japan affect the GDP of Japan which is about $5,231,066,000,000
  • Japan spends about $981.09 billion on public services such as schools and military. The military receives about 0.93% of the GDP making that out to be about $48,648,913,800
  • Japan is a free market economy meaning businesses' are owned by individuals with little to no government influence
  • Japan has and Industries growth rate of 1.4%. Imports and exports affecting it, such as cars and electronics.
  • Total Value of Imports= $1,032,112,000,000 Total Value of Exports= $1,084,146,000,000Trade Deficit= $52,034,000,000
  • Although having a labor force of 66.54 million people, Japan still has an unemployment rate of 2.36 leading to its poverty rate of 15.7%
  • Unemployment Rate= 2.36%
  • Labor Force= 66.54 million