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Batman Begins: Hero's Journey
Updated: 9/4/2018
Batman Begins: Hero's Journey
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  • Ordinary World
  • Wayne Manor
  • Call to Adventure
  • Monarch Theatre
  • Refusing the Call/Mentor
  • Bruce Wayne is the only child of the richest family in Gotham City. He lives at Wayne Manor with his parents, Thomas and Martha, along with their faithful butler Alfred. Bruce is expected to be the next great leader of the Wayne family and stands to inherit its vast fortune.
  • Crossing the First Threshold
  • (there wasnt a batman costume)
  • Bruce has just witnessed the mugging of his parents, resulting in their deaths. He is now left alone, with only Alfred left to watch over him. Alfred will forever serve as Bruce's/Batman's most loyal and trusted confidant.
  • Allies
  • Bruce has gone into hiding, traveling the globe in order to better understand the concept of justice. He is learning the ancient ways of the League of Shadows, but he is not sure if he is able to take on the task. Under Ra's Al Gaul, his mentor, he learns and becomes a gifted fighter and an expert thinker.
  • Test followed by Return
  • Bruce has now returned to Gotham City to fight crimes and protect justice, now as Batman.
  • Batman's greatest allies is Alfred Pennyworth, his butler and guardian, his best friend Rachel Dawes, and James Gordan, Gotham City Police Detective.
  • Batman's main adversary is Scarecrow, who has kidnapped Rachel wants to release his deadly nerve toxins into Gotham's water supply. He defeats Scarecrow after a lengthy, difficult battle and returns to Wayne Manor. His identity is secure and now will continue out his nights stopping crime.
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