Buljubasic project
Updated: 12/11/2019
Buljubasic project
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  • Oh No.
  • Man vs. Super natural
  • We are just soldiers looking for shelter.
  • Why are you in here?
  • Lay with me or your men will be pigs forever.
  • Man vs. Values
  • Ugh, Ok.
  • Kill all of them or never see the homeland again.
  • Man vs. Society
  • Fight till the end or die.
  • This is the scene where Odysseus and his crew fight the Cyclopes on The land of the Cyclopes. The Cyclopes are Supernatural.
  • It is I Odysseus, king of Ethica, and you are my wife!
  • Man vs. feelings
  • No it can't be. You are a God playing a trick on me to see if i am still faithful.
  • This is the Scene where Odysseus's crew were turned into pigs and he is forced to sleep with the Circe of the Island Aeaea. He wants to stay fateful to his wife and Values; but, his men were turned into pigs so he was forced to sleep with Circe to free them.
  • Let me stay. They are addictive. I can't live without them.
  • Man vs. Man
  • We must capture him and tie him down. He ate a Lotus.
  • Thank you and I will not tell anyone
  • This is the scene where Odysseus's and his men fought the Trojans on the island of Troy for 10 years this is Man vs. Man.
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Here is all the bad wind. You will make it back to Ethica in a weeks time; but, you can't tell anyone what's in the bag.
  • In this scene Odysseus comes home to Ethica and Athena makes him look like an old man so he can go around to see who has been faithful or not faithful to him. His wife has been faithful so he turns back to his old self and his wife can't believe it. She starts asking questions and Odysseus starts getting angry.
  • In this scene, Odysseus is on the Island of the Lotus eaters. He must find the Men that wandered off and capture them so he doesn't lose any more men. This is Man vs. Man.
  • In this Scene, Odysseus meets with Aeolus and Aeolus gives Odysseus bad wind in a bag that will blow him off course; but, he can't tell anyone what's in the bag. Later, the crew opens the bag and it blows them back to where they started. This is Man vs. Nature
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