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Nelson Mandela
Updated: 2/22/2019
Nelson Mandela
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  • The Life of Nelson Mandela
  • Chapter 1: Childhood
  • Chapter 2: Growing up
  • Chapter 3: Adulthood
  • Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918 in a tribal village. His actual name was Rolihalha Mandela but he got Nelson from his first teacher. His father died so he got sent to another person. He paid for his education and cared for him.
  • Chapter 4: Jailtime
  • Later he ran away from his tribe village to Johannesburg to search for a better life. He got a job as a guard for the mines. Later, he went to college to study for law. He met different people that helped him out and look toward his goals.
  • Chapter 5: Presidency and Death
  • The ANC was an organization that fought against apartheid in non violent protests with mostly blacks. Apartheid was a law which benefited the whites and was cruel to blacks. Whites owned around 80% of the land and blacks only owned 7%. They were forced to live in trashy "homelands". Nelson Mandela led many anti - apartheid protests with the ANC and was considered a loyal member.
  • After many years of protests, he finally got caught for sabotage and trying to overthrow the government. There was a very long trial for it and he was sentenced to life in prison. A man named De Klerk urged the government to change apartheid laws while Nelson was in jail. Everyone was urging to let him out for his heroic actions. 
  • Later, he was let out after 27 years in prison since everyone was urging the government. A few years later everyone in South Africa was now allowed to vote instead of just the whites. A lot of people voted for him and he was elected the first black South African president. After his term he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize along with other prizes for his actions. In 2015 he passed away due to old age but he will never be forgotten.
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