Independent Study Project
Updated: 3/19/2020
Independent Study Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! My name is Sound. If you think of it I am mechanical wave. I am also a longitudinal wave. As you know i can be very noisy like the sound of busy streets in a city.
  • I am "created" when particles like air is moved and forced out of a state of rest. For example with we talk our vocal chords vibrate producing sound
  • So this sound guy on the other side of the wall cant hear me and i cant really hear him. And yo might be wondering why. I can move and bounce off molecules but the molecules being so tightly packed it lets little to no sound through.
  • Since I move the molecules the around me its hard to move through something such as this wall.
  • Now lets move on. If you scream in space no one can hear you. There aren't any molecules in space for me to move so out here I don't really exist
  • Well lets say your on the bus and your trying to get your friends attention walking by outside. you can yell and they can here you. even thought I am a mechanical wave the vibrations can move through the window and a very muffled voice of your friend can be heard.
  • Well thanks for reading about me!! Now you know how you can hear your TV show and your friends when you hang out. Sound its a wonderful wave.