The Outsiders
Updated: 1/24/2020
The Outsiders
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Chapters 1-4 of the most important parts of each chapter

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  • Chapter 1This was the part that Ponyboy was walking back from the movies and got jumped by some Soc's. They almost cut him really bad but Dally, Johnny, Two-Bit,Steve,Sodapop, and Derry came along just in time. All Pony had was a small cut on his neck.
  • Need a haircut GREASER?!
  • In Chapter 2 Ponboy and Johnny go to the movies, but then they meet Marcie and Sherri known as Cherry. But then when they walk the two girls home 2 soc's comes and threatens Pony and Johnny.
  • In Chapter 3 this part was where Pony was past his curfue by 2 hours beacuse he was hanging out with Johnny in the lot, and Darry slaps Pony across the face making him storm out and run away with Johnny Caakes
  • I Killed Him...
  • This is the part where Johnny and Pony get jumped my some Soc's then Johnny kills one of then because he was drowning Pony.
  • They told Dally and he gave them a place to run away from and $50 with a loaded gun. They had to make a discguise so they wouldnt get the electric chair when they go back in town.
  • This looks like the place Dally was talking about.
  • Johnny Cade
  • PonyBoy Curtis
  • The End
  • Darrel Curtis
  • Sodapop Curtis
  • Marrel and Sherri
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