Invitations and suggestions

Updated: 5/3/2020
Invitations and suggestions

Storyboard Text

  • Charlotte and Andrew, could you come down for a moment?
  • We have something important to tell you
  • Yes, in a moment we went down
  • Well, as you know, his birthday's almost coming, we've got two surprises for them.
  • The first is that we were given two weeks off at work and the second is that we're going on a trip to celebrate his birthday!
  • That is cool , and were will go?
  • We will decide in Andrew's room
  • okey, for this ocassion you will decide where you would like to go on vacation
  • We can go to the forest camping so we can wear Max
  • But the next year we went to the forest, we better go to the beach
  • But remember that i don´t swim
  • You're right, I didn't remember that.