Updated: 9/8/2021

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  • …DIVORCE!!…
  • I was eight years old, my older sister was ten, and my younger sister was five. We were all sitting in the family room watching TV. Upstairs we heard our parents fighting. This wasn’t out of the ordinary and if I’m being honest I thought it was totally normal for parents to fight multiple times a day everyday. I was used to it. My dad came downstairs and screamed “WE ARE GETTING A DIVORCE”. I didn’t know what that meant nor did I really care at the moment. Little did I know my parents splitting up would be one of the best things that could have happened for our family.
  • This had a huge impact on my life because it opened my dad's eyes to the fact that he needed to get sober and he did and he’s been a much better person and dad since then. My parents getting divorced is also what led us to my mom and 3 step siblings. I can’t imagine what life would be like without my step siblings and step mom. Having a step sister who is only a year older than me and that lives 3 minutes away is like having a built-in best friend. And for my mom, she was much happier not having to deal with what my dad was putting her through. And her happiness being away from my dad made me happier.
  • When I was four years old my best friend at the time needed a ride to gymnastics. Her parents asked my parents if we could drive her and if I could go to a class with her. It sounded fun to me so I went with her and I loved it. After that class my parents signed me up for more classes and I progressed quickly. Before I knew it I was on the pre team. I loved it and I just kept going again and again week after week.
  • Starting gymnastics impacted my life a lot because I did it for so long and I got so good at it. I also missed a lot of things because of it like birthday parties and sleepovers and fun things. Choosing gymnastics practice over fun things like that taught me that when I find something I love and am passionate about i’ll take priority in it.