Updated: 9/27/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Shot: Point Of View (POV)I awake and check my phone to see the time, its late so I panic and fall out of bed.
  • Shot: Point Of View (POV) My Uncle comes to the door to pass me my uniform and I quickly get dressed.
  • Shot: Multiple (POV and Medium)I Ieave the room, frantically towards the bathroom. I brush my teeth and such.
  • Shot: Multiple (POV and Medium)I run down the stairs out of the bathroom into the kitchen, I grab and make breakfast and swiftly eat it at the table.
  • Shot: Multiple (Pov and Medium)Before I go, I get my shoes on but realise I have forgot something. The advert portion now begins as I grab the drink and use an advertising voice.
  • Shot: Multiple (Medium and Close)The camera focuses on the advertisement poster, it cuts out to me drinking the drink and ends with a blur screen and the logo of the drink.
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