opinions of matters
Updated: 10/24/2020
opinions of matters

Storyboard Description

Covid 19 quarantine is over and students are going back to school. The teacher had decided to ask the students about their opinions about e-learning that the education system had planned to use. The students try to explain their own point of view and how hey felt while studying online, but they don't really agree with one another.

Storyboard Text

  • TEACHER SAID, "Hey children, welcome back to school. Before we start the lesson why don't we share our opinions on e-learning? Michael, you start."
  • MICHEAL AND JENEFER REPLIED, "Hello ma'am!!!!"
  • MICHEAL ANSWERED , "I liked E-learning program. It was so much more safer than campus learning. "
  • JENEFER THOUGHT, " Hmm...."
  • JENEFER DEBATED , "Well, I prefer campus learning more than such a program which kept me up day and night!! "
  • MICHELE ARGUED, "E-learning was safer! we didn't interact with people so much as we stayed at home."
  • JENEFER POINTED, "Yes but the students weren't educated properly. During the monthly tests, students would cheat and the teachers wouldn't even know about it!! "
  • JENEFER PINPOINRTED , "So? Sitting in front of the laptop was a pain! Staring at the screen for so long was tiresome. Which lead to an increase in spectacles wear and back pain! Doing this all day, making power points, and submitting all the work online took hours and hours to complete."
  • MICHELE OBJECTED , "Not true! E-learning helped students and teacher use the computer and enhanced their ICT skills. "
  • TEACHER CONCLUDED , "OK, OK students, settle down. Now I understand that for some of you e-learning was difficult while others might call it pleasant, that doesn't mean we can have each other's neck for it. Let's be grateful that we survived the pandemic and continue on the new academic year!"
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