Updated: 7/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Oh my God, is really?Wow, thank you parents.
  • Hello son, Order your things that we are going on a trip to Russia
  • Yes Dad, I'm ready and excited because I'm going to see snow for the first time.
  • Do you have everything ready?It will be a long trip son.
  • We have arrived at the hotel where we are going to stay.
  • We are glad you like it son. :)
  • Wow that interesting, I have never seen this type of fish ever, not even on the internet.
  • It's true son, hahaha they are too funny, look at that jester ...
  • How funny that clowns, I have a lot of fun in this square
  • You are a great son, you deserve it, we love you.
  • Parents look at the size of that mountain and the amount of snow it has, thank you very much for this holiday parents.
  • THE END!!!