Updated: 2/5/2020
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  • -Overthrow PG-End to War-Peasants get land-Power to soviets-State control of factories and banks
  • Lenin returned from Switzerland with German assistance and issued his ' April Thesis' calling for ^^^
  • In response to the failure of the June offensive strikes occurred in cities therefore making Lenin flee, Lenin fled also because Kerensky became prime minister and he started arresting many Bolshevik leaders.Because of this the Bolsheviks appeared as a broken political force.
  • PG: Constituent assembly which written new rules, Elections set 12th Nov 1917, Lenin from Finland appealed to his party to prepare for overthrow before elections took place.
  • Kornilov Affair august 1917, all the bolsheviks released from prison to defend the city of Petrograd from a potential invasion, they were given weapons and this made the PG look weak
  • rise in the Bolsheviks support in September by the end of the month, the bolsheviks had the majority of the seats in the Petrograd state.
  • October preparations 16th MRC protect soviet against german invasion. October 24th-26th Bolsheviks take power and the PG try to shut down the bolsheviks, but the Winter palace was seized, bolsheviks take pwer
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