Constitutional Convention
Updated: 12/18/2020
Constitutional Convention

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  • This meeting took place in 1787 in Philadelphia when state representatives met to write a constitution and become a state
  • Constitutional Convention
  • James Madison
  • I propose the Virginia Plan. This consists of a new government with 3 branches and the congress to be divided into 2 houses. The number of representatives for each state reflects on the population
  • James Madison/William Patterson
  • That doesn't work for us so I propose the New Jersey plan. This doesn't abolish the Articles of Confederation, it modifies them. It also gives congress the power to raise taxes and regulate trade and congress will consist of 1 house where each state is equally represented.
  • William Patterson
  • Roger Sherman
  • I think we should combine the 2 ideas to get the Connecticut Compromise. I propose 1 house of Congress to be the House of Representatives where representation would be based on population and the other house to be the Senate and the states would have equal representation
  • Also, voters would elect the representatives but the state legislatures would choose the senate
  • The Connecticut Compromise
  • This idea will also separate the powers of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches!
  • Northerner
  • If enslaved people were counted for representation, they should be counted for taxation too.
  • The Three-Fifth Compromise
  • Fine, for every 5 enslaved people, that would count as 3 free people for both representation, and taxation
  • Southerner
  • Southerners
  • The Trade Compromise
  • We (the south) insist that the new constitution forbids interference with slave trade and it limits congress's power to regulate trade
  • We (the north) can agree that the new congress could not tax exports. Also, Congress can not ban the slave trade until 1008, or impose high taxes on importation of enslaved people
  • Northerner
  • Daniel Shays
  • The Massachusetts government can not fail to pay their soldiers that is not fair!
  • Shay's Rebellion
  • Yeah! Give us our farms back you can't take them away!
  • Farmers
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