Water Cycle
Updated: 11/7/2018
Water Cycle
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  • The Water Cycle
  • Including: Evaporation, Transpiration, Condensation, Precipitation, Run-off
  • Turns from a liquid to a solid Ex: water going up into the sky
  • Evaporation
  • Hydrosphere: All of water on or near the Earth
  • When plants absorb water through the roots and then gives off water vapor Ex: transpiration is to plants
  • Transpiration
  • When water is run off of something Ex: Mountains, waterfalls
  • Run off
  • Lithosphere: Solid rocky, crust covering the entire planet
  • When water returns to Earth Ex: hail, snow, sleet
  • Precipatation
  • Atmosphere: Air, the body of air that surrounds the planet
  • When vapor or gas turns into liquid Ex: droplets on a cold glass, when humidity hits the air
  • Condensation
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