Charlie and Dylan Search for Pizza
Updated: 6/12/2020
Charlie and Dylan Search for Pizza
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  • Scene: Charlie and Dylan, Tech M&A colleagues, are meeting for some beer after 3 months of lock down at Charlie's house.
  • Charlie, after 3 months of lock down, having this beer with you is simply great!
  • That's right! Who cares about projects or economy!! Or that i am hungry and want some fish!!
  • Yes Dylan, and i also missed our everyday office gossip all these days. Shall we order a pizza?
  • On yeah, i feel like having a large Pizza. Shall i order our regular?
  • This again - drunk and online ordering. Sure, never try a home made sandwich. Tch Tch - evolution of humanity!!
  • I was thinking that we try something new? Let's browse whats available nearby!
  • Umm, sounds good. Let me search Google what it shows nearby.
  • 50 bucks if they don't end up ordering their regular. Hey, you two, rather trim each other's hair, look at yourselves.
  • Yeah, i am looking too. Anything you tried before?
  • So they run a Google search on their mobile phones, and website of Papi Pizza comes at number 7 in search results.
  • Umm, no i am just looking at whatever Google throws at the screen. Do you know anyone good?
  • Yeah, i loved Papi Pizza last time, but its showing at number 7 on Google
  • No, Papi is no good. Try Leo's. The chicken's good there. How about some fish you fools?
  • Ok, all right, and does that matter?
  • Hmm, interesting. Let me record it and send it to Larry, my friend in Cyber Scan team.
  • Yeah man, it means the Pizza is not popular and good. I never open weblinks after 5th result.
  • Haha, ok, i never thought about it in that way. So, Large Pizza then?
  • Yeah, man. Looks like Papi's website and business is going Down. Regular it is, Cheers!!
  • See, what did i tell you before. hmm, I should call Larry in the evening and pass on this fascinating consumer insight. Hey, anyone noticing the number of bottles increasing in ever scene? Are these dropping from the air? Have i been drinking too?
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