SeniorLink Storyboard
Updated: 5/23/2020
SeniorLink Storyboard
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  • Freddy, Artie’s Brother, Has a Problem
  • Thank you visiting me Ardie
  • How are you feeling now Freddy?
  • Artie uses SeniorLink
  • Take a look at theSeniorLink App I downloaded Freddy.
  • Freddie gets a text
  • Yes Artie! I remember. Those were some fun days.
  • Artie’s brother Freddy is disabled from an injury and doesn’t get out much. Artie visits Freddy and learns that his brother is feeling lonely because he can’t get out like he used to and doesn’t get any other visitors.
  • Freddy Gets Another Text
  • You remember Freddy how much we used to enjoy writing to PenPals when we were young?
  • Artie wants to help Freddy feel more connected. He loves using the SeniorLink app on his phone and decides to use it to send Freddy a link to a tutorial for Facebook.
  • Freddy Starts To Connect
  • Freddy receives the text with the link and opens it to watch the video tutorial but he decides not to download Facebook.
  • Freddy Gets A Friend!
  • Artie sees a penpal on SeniorLink who has the same hobbies as Freddy & sends his brother another text with an invitation to connect with the penpal through SeniorLink. Freddy receives the text & remembers how much fun he had as a kid writing letters to his penpal so he follows the instructions to connect.
  • Freddy writes a letter to his new penpal and sends it. A few weeks later he receives a reply in the mail. Freddy starts to interact with his new friend who he learns is on Facebook.
  • Freddy opens up Artie’s old text and downloads the Facebook app so he can create an account and add his new friend. Freddy feels better about making new friends and doesn’t feel so lonely.
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