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The Outsiders
Updated: 3/27/2018
The Outsiders
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  • Ponyboy
  • Johnny's not dead
  • Pony stay gold
  • Johnny
  • Dont die on me Johnny, dont leave me
  • Sodapop
  • Hey Soda
  • Hey girls
  • Ponyboy is 14 and is the youngest of the three brothers and he's Johnnys bestfriend. He and Johnny had to run away to hid because Johnny killed Bob. He also very smart, loved to read, and watch sunsets.
  • Dally
  • Johnny is 16 with two abusive and they neglected him. He only family was the gang and him and Dally were like brothers. They also needed johnny to keep the gang together. He died at the end because of a fire where he saved kids. He was the one who killed Bob in order to save Pony.
  • Cherry
  • Sodapop is 17 and is the second oldest of the three brothers. He works at a gas station and is a dropout. As you can tell he is very good looking just like his brothers. they got their good looks and names for their father.
  • Darry
  • I miss you mom and dad
  • Dally has a similar life as Johnny and that's why he cares so much about him because he reminds him of himself. He ended up in jail at the age 10 and doesn't want Johnny to end up like him that's why he helped him and Pony hid. He died because he couldn't handle life without Johnny.
  • Cherry was the captain of the cheerleading squad and was the most popular girls in school. she was also Bobs girlfriend the guy that johnny killed to save johnny. Her and Bob argued alot because he drunk alot. She was also the spy for the Greasers because she didnt like fights.
  • Darry is 20 he is the oldest brother and the oldest of the gang. He wasn't able to go to collage because he stayed back to take care of his brothers when his parents died 8 months ago. He was also very smart and wanted great things to happen for Ponyboy thats why he was so hard on him.
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