Updated: 6/11/2020

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  • Hello Mr.Sharma, I am here for my job interview? 
  • Oh yes, please have a seat Mr.Kumar
  • Resume Shantanu Kumar Graduate from IIMDegree in business administration3.9 GPA in college Won various competitions .........
  • Should I tell him the truth?
  • I...
  • Are you fit for job? as you know it requires a lot of travelling
  • It says on your resume that you took a year long medical leave ?
  • The scenario starts with a young man walking in for a job interview at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).
  • During that period, I underwent surgeries that helped me with my transition from female to male.
  • Mr.Sharma who is the HR manager of TCS, starts talking to Shantanu, while discussing things in his Resume, and he feels Shantanu is perfect for the job, and he is about to make an offer until his eyes fall upon a small detail...
  • Now, would you like to discuss the terms of your employment contract?
  • Ahh, I see
  • At this question, Shantanu visibly tenses up and wonders if he should tell Mr.Sharma the truth or lie about it considering telling people the truth has cost him very good jobs before, but considering that he is bound to find out the truth, he decides not to lie.. 
  • TCS believes in Pride over Prejudice. So should you!
  • After telling Mr.Sharma that he is a transgender, Shantanu patiently waited for his reaction, because usually when he tells people about his identity they almost immediately end the interview, and Mr.Sharma's face held a neutral expression
  • Shantanu was shocked at the HR Manager's reaction, he din't expect that degree of acceptance. He couldn't believe that the job was his.
  • There are many other capable people like Shantanu who miss out on various opportunities and are discriminated against because of their sexual orientation. TCS believes in inclusivity and fair opportunities. Be like TCS.
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