My own story

Updated: 10/1/2021
My own story

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  • Mom! We shift way too much, I had just started getting along with people in the last town, and now we've shifted again!
  • Oh, I'm sorry honey, but don't worry. This place will be different. We will stay here for a long time, I can just feel it.
  • Come on honey, let's go see our new home.
  • Hey, this is a nice bedr- Young man! Get off that bed this instant! We have to clean the house first!
  • Come on Ben! Pack your bags, we're moving!
  • Now this is the best room of the house! This place seems nice. I hope we can stay here longer than our other homes.
  • Oh c'mon! People get robbed everywhere. Stop being paranoid mom! You always do this.
  • Someone got robbed just 2 weeks ago son, and they lived in this town. This place is way too dangerous for us to stay at.
  • You always do this... Ok mom, I'll trust you one last time. But you surely have to make it up to me. Maybe with the new PS5?
  • We'll THINK about it, no guarantees, ok?
  • Sorry honey, but trust me, this next place will be different! You will live like any other boy there. I promise you.