Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • It was a rainy day and the twins decided it was a great day to explore the rock cycle
  • Hey Robert! We should go exploring the rock cycle today!
  • Its okay! we'll be back in no time!
  • That sounds fun, but its raining!
  • this rock used to be igneous, meaning that when a volcano erupted, the lava dried up and turned into this rock!
  • yes, this is called weathering, its when a rock breaks up because of the rain!
  • Hey look at this rock, it looks like it broke up into smaller pieces.
  • wow there's a volcano over there!
  • Hey look, there's some pieces of that rock that we say back there, but why are they here?
  • Its called Erosion! The pieces of the rock we just say break have been blown away!
  • we should look for more!
  • Hey look at this Sandstone! Can you guess how its made?
  • Easy, sandstone is a form of sedimentary rock, meaning its made from sediment and formed by the pressing down of sediment layers!
  • wow look at this volcano! Its about to erupt!
  • When it does, the lava that comes out will turn into igneous rock and the cycle will start over!
  • we should get going then, wouldn't want to turn into igneous rock as well!
  • It was so much fun learning about rocks
  • Yes, and look the rain has gone away!