my diamond teeth campaign
Updated: 5/10/2020
my diamond teeth campaign

Storyboard Text

  • "Mother"I told you don’t eat too much sweets, look what’s happened your teeth were zipped, we should go to the dentist. "Boy" no mum the doctor has very big injection so, he will pain me with it."Mother" no dear, don’t be afraid, if he will make anything that will pain you, I will take you and go away. "Boy" OK mum.
  • Brushing my teeth 3>
  • "Doctor"what do you feel? "Mother" his teeth hurts him because he eats too much sweets doctor and doesn’t brush his teeth. "Doctor" How much sweets do you eat daily? "Boy" I eat before every meal. "Doctor" How many times do you brush your teeth. "Mother" he brushes it every two days.
  • Doctor: First: You must brush your teeth twice a day and don’t eat sweets at all & if you eat a day, it will be once a day and after it, it is important to go&brush your teeth. Second: you must brush your teeth by putting the toothbrush on the front teeth and moving it up and downBoy: Okay doctor, I will do all of this things :)
  • keep It Clean Your Smile is worth it
  • Boy: Wow I recovered without any pain, mum Mother: Great my dear, I told you