SEND video
Updated: 11/23/2020
SEND video

Storyboard Text

  • Professor Chris Fogwill
  • SEND is Keele's Smart Energy Network Demonstrator project. Through bringing together academic expertise through our lecturers and student researchers with local SMEs, SEND is driving sustainable research to create a sustainable future that is benefitting our society locally, regionally and nationally. We have 16 PhDs and a number of MSc projects working with businesses across the region.
  • Aidan Fuller, PhD Candidate
  • My project is working on creating digital twins for energy systems. This enables energy suppliers to understand and manage energy consumption and identify whether there are any faults in the system. What we learn from this project will enable more efficient energy management as we transition to a low carbon energy grid.
  • Dr Sharon George, Senior Lecturer
  • Our MSc students have worked on a range of projects including x, y and z. These projects give realworld experience, application and context for our students, and provide a valuable resource for local businesses.
  • MSc Student
  • Working with X on my project enabled me to develop skills and experience that complemented my learning through the modules on the MSc in Environmental Sustainability and Green Technology. While working with X I did Y. As well as giving me skills and experience I can take forward into future employment, it has been fantastic being able to make a difference to X by sharing my knowledge and applying it to a real-world situation.
  • Employer
  • Working with MSc Student on a project for OUR COMPANY has been fantastic. Being able to benefit from the knowledge and research skills of an MSc student at Keele has brought in expertise we wouldn't normally be able to access. It's been really valuable to partner with Keele and the SEND team.
  • Professor Chris Fogwill
  • Final words?