Safe Online Comic (Never Share Your Password)
Updated: 3/11/2020
Safe Online Comic (Never Share Your Password)

Storyboard Description

In this comic Emma (the one with a pink shirt) has shared her password to her best friend so she can post something on Emma's page. After Kendal (Emma's Best friend) logged of Emma's page, Emma realizes she made a huge mistake with sharing her password. She also learnt her lesson.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! Am I able to post something on your page??
  • I long as you log off as soon as you post it.
  • One day on the street, two friends were talking
  • Later that day when Emma went home
  • Yes of course! I would never post anything that would be mean.
  • Ok then, my password is Emma12345...
  • Ok sweet, thanks you. I'll text you when I'm off. Bye!
  • Okay, thanks. Bye!
  • Oh sweet, let me log on to see what she posted.
  • *New Message From Kendal*Kendal: Hey I'm off your account now.
  • Oh my god! How could she post that!!
  • *Hardcrell and 37 other have liked this post*
  • Emma: Kendal, how could you post that!Kendal: I'm so sorry, it was just mean to be a joke! Emma: It's okay I guess. Just don't do it againKendal: Okay, I will never do it again.