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Hellenistic Era - Sarah Kang
Updated: 10/10/2019
Hellenistic Era - Sarah Kang
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  • Art & Architecture
  • Mix of many cultures and art reflected this mixture. Due to strong sense of history, great museums and great libraries. for example the Alexandria and Pergamon.
  • Culture
  • culture blended with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences. This blending became known as Hellenistic culture. Koine used in Hellenistic cities, was the direct result ofcultural blending
  • Legacy of Alexander
  • The conquests of Alexander the great allowed Greek culture to spread through the Mediterranean and through Asia.His death even left behind the Hellenistic culture.
  • Women
  • Incidence in the women status and role. Royal females helped enter negotiations, write poems, and keep private businesses. Even non-royal ladies had various statuses. They were well educated on Philosophical and scholarly pursuits.
  • Math & Science
  • Geometry and Science excelled due to the Alexandria which was an important place to share and give information. Their discoveries were ahead of their time and are still being used up to this day. For example the Pythagorean theorem which was based off the works in the Hellenic era
  • Medicine
  • Praxagoras of Kos was the first to discover that blood traveled through veins, Herophilos was the first to base his findings on real life dissections of humans and animal and this helped him to provide an accurate description on the parts of the body. Through Philinus of Cos, the Empiric school, a strict school that was based on observations and rejected unseen was created.
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