Leif Erikson
Updated: 6/5/2020
Leif Erikson

Storyboard Text

  • Norway here I come. Bye!!
  • This is not the Norway i remember!
  • Where is everyone? Lets take a look around maybe they are hiding
  • Wow! I have discovered a new contenent.
  • this is the perfect place for my fellow people
  • Leif Erikson sailed off from greenland,his home town to go visit his grandfather in Norway so he sealed off.
  • This would be perfect for my people !
  • On his way to Norway to go visit his grandfather he sailed off coarse and needed up in north America.
  • I have found a new land for us, it is worm and has lots of wine 
  • He then discovered that he had just stepped foot on a new continent wich he didcided to call it vinland due to the grapes and the fertility of the land.
  • This way to the new land everybody
  • Leif Erikson found Vinland and decsided that it would be perfect for his people so he decided to sail back home and bring his people to this wonderful place.
  • Leif Erikson came back and told his fellow villagers abouthis journey to inland and they decided to move.
  • Leif Erikson and the othersdecided that Vinland would be the best choice so they set off to see to got Vinland