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Updated: 5/18/2020
science story board

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  • It was so good dad, we learnt about the periodic table!
  • hey son how was your day?
  • no! that really hurt
  • heres a zinc tablet it will heal your graze
  • oh no, you fell down the stairs, are you okay?!
  • the element zinc identified as an element in 1746 but known to the greeks and romans before 20BC. It was discovered by Andreaas Marggraf
  • that's not posible!
  • oh no we are shrinking!
  • yes it is!
  • i think the zinc tablet made us shrink!
  • it seems like we have gone into the atom zinc (Zn), zinc is in period 4 and group 12. a period means the elements going across, they all have the same number of electron shells. groups refers to the columns going up and down they all have the same number of valence electrons.
  • where are we?
  • and these rings you see, they are called electron shells, zincs electron configuration is 2,8,18,2, therefore the number of valence elctrons is 2.
  • The atomic mass of zinc is 65.38. the atomic mass means the weight of an atom.
  • thanks dad, hopefully this will make it better
  • where are we now?
  • which atomic number is 30, which refers to the number of atoms with a positive charge and therefore equal to the amount of electrons, which are found in the electron shells
  • looks like we've made our way to the nucleus.
  • the number of neutrons (an atom with no charge) is 35 and they are found in the nucleus along with the protons.
  • yay we are back to normal! did you know, zinc is needed for the proper growth and maintenance of the human body, it i needed for immune function and used to heal cuts and scrapes, just like it did for me!
  • i think we have had enough of zinc for the day! lets get home its getting dark.